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The 75%

Gartner estimates that 75% of all business meetings — internal and external — will be held online in 2024.

Even before the pandemic, US companies spent nearly $400 billion per year on ineffective meetings.

What can you do to make the most of your investment in online meetings?


Is this for YOU?

You make a major investment in business meetings. More and more of these will happen online, so why not make the most efficient use of this time? Be more engaging, more persausive, and more influential.

Executives and Leaders

Stay ahead in the business world. Optimize your video meeting opportunities, empowering you to deliver impactful outcomes. Connect with your team, impress clients, and drive success with advice that is customized just for you. Join executives and leaders who have put The 75 Percent Solution to work for them.

Sales Teams

Are your sales teams struggling to close deals in the online world? At The 75 Percent Solution, we understand the challenges of virtual meetings and we can help your sales professionals create engaging and lasting relationships. Our expert advice and customized strategies will empower your sales teams to connect with clients, make impactful presentations, and drive success with The 75 Percent Solution. Start meeting smarter today!

Management Teams

Nobody is born knowing how to lead effective meetings. In today’s remote and hybrid working environments, the challenges are even greater. Defeat meeting fatigue; create engaging meetings that people will want to attend. Build top-performing teams who get stuff done. Start meeting smarter with The 75 Percent Solution!

Startup Founders

Are you a startup founder who is making more and more pitches online? With help from The 75 Percent Solution, you can make the most effective use of your time with investors and potential partners. Our expert advice and customized strategies will drive your success by making a powerful impression that is consistent with your brand and messaging. Start meeting smarter today!

Meet Alfred Poor:
Video Meeting Advisor

Alfred Poor is a keynote speaker and a virtual meeting technology expert with an international reputation. He has presented at online conferences worldwide and has produced virtual events from multi-day speaker summits to a series of online tradeshows for consumer technology companies.

Alfred has helped hundreds of people improve their online presence with specific, practical, and effective guidance. He can help you or your team make changes that will help you communicate more effectively, so that you can close more business and bring more success.


The Three “I’s”
of Improvement


Don’t try to boil the ocean. Pick one factor to improve, master that, and then build on that success with the next improvement

Some coaches will just dump you into some enormous online course to work through on your own, whether the content is relevant to your needs or not.

That’s not what Alfred does.



Don’t just accept the defaults. Make each improvement a conscious choice.

Instead, he provides targeted advice specific to your individual needs. He will identify the one factor that will yield the biggest improvement. Once you have achieved that, he will move onto the next, and the next, guided by the Three “I’s” of Improvement: 


Don’t waste time and money on changes that won’t move the needle. Start with the improvements that will yield the largest and fastest return on your time and money.

Five Reasons to
Work with Alfred

Success Stories

I’ve been implementing some of the tips you provided, and they’ve been helpful so far in making a good impression during online meetings. Your guidance has been invaluable for leveling up my virtual presence. Every feedback I’ve received from you has been a game changer.
Talabiou Diallo, Founder, CoffeeSpace 

Alfred graciously offered to fill in a speaker spot for Venture Café on very short notice. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he generously went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. He was well-prepared and his presentation was timed to fit our schedule. He was interactive and energetic as he delivered practical and relevant information for our participants. They were engaged throughout, and we all enjoyed a lively discussion. We look forward to collaborating with Alfred again in the future!
Selena Lopez McKenzie, Program Manager and Experience Designer, University City Science Center

Your session on making a better online impression was excellent. As an online presenter myself, I learned a lot about how to improve my presentation and show up as my best self to make the best impression even if I’m not a keynote presenter.
Tanya T. Morris, Founder and CEO, Mom Your Business

In a time when video communication is essential, Alfred Poor’s insights on making a great impression in video communications are crucial. Thanks to Alfred, founders will be effectively and confidently communicating with everyone they connect with. His advice has truly transformed their approach to virtual meetings.
Daniele Dellavalle, COO-CPO, Tach Ignite

I invited Alfred Poor to present to the founders of our portfolio companies about the strategic advantages of making a better impression in video meetings and online presentations. Alfred was easy to work with, coming up with a lot of good ideas to tailor the session for our group’s needs. He clearly “walks the walk” as his online presentation was professional, engaging, and well beyond the look of a typical Zoom call. He had many practical tips that the founders could put to use right away, and he even provided a “five-minute makeover” for one brave volunteer. The founders appreciated the valuable content, and we are considering holding another session for our other companies.
Nicole Staudinger, Director of Marketing, Joyance Partners

When Alfred talks about meetings and video conferences, I listen. You should, too.
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, technology and business journalist and analyst

How to Work with Alfred

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Alfred can work with you individually or with your team to improve your impact in video meetings and online presentations. He offers a range of packages that include unlimited access to him personally; you won’t be dealing with surrogates or substitutes.

The next step is to schedule a free call to find out whether his services are a good match for your needs. There is no charge and no obligation. You can find a time on his schedule by clicking here (he is in US Eastern time, UTC -5 in the winter), or send an email to with times that are convenient for you and we’ll see what matches up.


Ready to Make a Better Online Impression?